Audra Taber

About Me

 I am a lifelong and dedicated Oregonian. I grew up in Sandy and eventually attended high school in Beaverton. I am blessed to be the mom of three amazing children. I have raised them single-handedly for the past 15 years. In addition to owning a small business, I have also worked for Washington County’s WIC (Women Infant and Children) program for 12 years as both a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor and as a Nutrition Educator.

I believe in the value of serving one’s community, and I have volunteered with organizations such as Healthy Start, Easter Seals, and I have also served the Beaverton school district assisting students with reading and also in the daycare, enabling teen mothers to attend classes. I enjoy traveling to the Oregon coast and many other beautiful destinations throughout the Pacific Northwest. I am a big Portland Trailblazers fan and enjoy attending games with my son. My greatest accomplishment is being a full-time mom to three loving children. I have raised my children to have integrity and to volunteer and to serve our community whenever possible. 

Politically, I’ve come to embrace Moderate beliefs, while historically I have leaned a bit towards Conservative idealisms. I’ve been frustrated in the recent past by not having political candidates that resonate with my beliefs and teachings, often instead voting for a candidate that I dislike the least as opposed to voting for the one that I believe in and support. I plan to do my part to have the American Moderates party be recognized on not only a local level, but also to help to create traction so that we might be able to compete for the votes of others who are dismayed with the state of our current and largely ineffective political system. Most importantly, I want to compete for those votes in a manner which respects the core values of others.


· The ongoing care and fair compensation for members of our military and their families. I come from a long line of military veterans and feel that changes must be made.

· Addressing the growing problem of sex trafficking on a local and national level, especially as it relates to the exploitation of children and teenagers.

· Child safety from gun violence in our school systems, as well as mass gun violence on a national scale, and addressing those issues in a manner that does not infringe on responsible firearm owners.

· Reduction and prevention of domestic violence and hate crimes. Implementing more publicly funded education, support and emergency financial aid, to assist those in dire need to leave life threatening living situations. 

· Complete transparency in government spending of taxpayer dollars.