Brian Mistrot

About Me

I have truly lived a blessed life.  I grew up in Dallas, TX and graduated High School from Bryan Adams in 1989.  As a Freshman, I met this cute and quiet young woman in the library (Christie) and always found a way to spend more time in there than I probably should have.  It didn't take long before we built a strong friendship that would turn into a date, then marriage some years later.  Not only did I marry my High School sweetheart, I married my best friend.  

I attended Eastfield College in Mesquite, TX where I earned an AA Degree, followed by Baylor University where I earned a Bachelors in Biology and a Minor in Chemistry (and yes, I am a HUGE science geek)!!

After graduation from Baylor in 1995, I found a passion helping others find jobs in science and became an Executive Recruiter.  I now own my own company and still love helping others find passion in their careers.  

I have two passions outside of my family and country:  I am an avid sailor and guitar player.  A little research and you will see many articles I have written on sailing (and songs our family has recorded on itunes)!!!  

I truly have lived a blessed life.  I want to give much of it now to my country and help lead her where I think she needs to go.

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What drew me to American Moderates?

  I grew up in East Texas and was a Conservative member of the GOP for most of my life. However, I became frustrated with the internal splintering of the party between the Moderates, Tea Party, and Alt-Right. The party seemed to grow into three different parties wrapped in one package… but none of them getting along. I saw (and have continued to see) the moderate voices pushed out. These were replaced with what I believe were the loudest (and least representative) taking over and holding the rest of the GOP hostage. I saw many politicians I looked up to either leave the party, become pushed aside, or turn into the very fringes they fought against. That was why I left the party… or like so many have said, why the party left me. The GOP of today is not the party I grew up with.

My Political Beliefs

I am right of center.  I am a Christian but respectful of other faiths.  I am fiscally conservative and believe our National Debt is one of the greatest dangers facing us.  I am pro-military and believe no one is above the rule of law (including the President).  I am a strong supporter of the second amendment but also believe common sense gun laws to keep us safe should be legislated and enforced.  I believe in Global Warming and feel it is an  threat to all of us.  I believe in Free Trade, NATO, and strong ties with our allies.  I believe the tax laws  unfairly burdens the Middle Class and should be restructured.  I believe in energy independence especially through renewable energy.  

Key aspects I will push to enact are:

  • Strong Borders but fixing DACA and enacting a common sense approach to  current illegal immigrants.
  • Modernizing schools to minimize the risk of mass shootings.
  • Job growth with favorable conditions for businesses to expand (as well as attracting them back to our country).
  • Working out a sustainable future for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.
  • Re-education for those affected by disappearing industries.
  • Creating a 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 year plan for our country.