Christine Geary

About Me


I am a recent transplant to Washington State, moving here with my three children last summer. Prior to that, I spent the last twenty plus years as a trial attorney in South Florida. I began my work life as an educator, including stints as a teacher and a principal, and have remained interested in teaching and curriculum in that area, being active on the Founding Board for a charter school on NAS Key West and an Early Education school. 

Why I chose American Moderates


I came of age under Reagan and have been a member of the Republican party since I was eighteen. I haven't changed too much, but year by year, the direction of the party has. As a parent of teens who come of voting age next year, I feel a particular impetus to create a viable party and a meaningful voice for them. At the moment, they are part of a large generation (Bigger than the Baby Boomers!) that has witnessed first hand the failure of their government. We may, at the moment, be a Voice in the Wilderness, but history proves that the world can change by the power of the voice of the people.  I believe that time is now.