Dayna Linton

About Me


First and foremost, I am a mother of four children and grandmother of one. I moved around when I was young until my family settled in Pocatello, Idaho where I graduated from high school at Highland High in 1980.

I married my high school sweetheart but divorced nineteen years later. While pregnant with my second child, I started my first home business so I could work and bring in an income but still be there for my children. Since then, I’ve had two other home businesses. Then I found my love, publishing. I have been helping authors publish their books and fulfill their dreams for 13 years now. 

I am, for obvious reasons, an avid reader and adore history and research. I love gardening and dancing and just about anything to do with music and the arts.

I have always been political but with today’s climate, I feel now is the time to stop talking the talk and begin to walk the walk. We must make our world a better place for the next generations. 

What Drew Me to American Moderates


I grew up in a conservative home but was encouraged to find my own way. While voting primarily for the GOP candidates, I have also voted for moderate Democrats who were more in line with my thinking.

When the Tea Party came to prominence, I left the GOP and became a full-fledged Independent.


Our politics have become so polarized, and the far-left and far-right voices are drowning out the moderates. When the country voted for Trump as president, and conservative representatives supported and didn’t denounce his hateful rhetoric, lies and harmful policies, I realized the once great party of Lincoln, was dead. 

With the decline in both Democratic and Republican voters and the rise of Independents, I realized now is the time for Moderates to take a stand and come to power. No longer should we have to choose between one extreme or the other. There is a party of the majority of Americans, and that party is the American Moderates Party.

My Political Beliefs


I am a fiscal conservative/social moderate-progressive. I believe we can balance the budget and still have compassionate legislation to help those who most need our help. I feel our politicians need to be held accountable in all that they do. No one (including—especially—our president) is above the law.

  • It is time for federal term-limits because our politicians have forgotten that they work for us. They aren’t there to become millionaires and make a lifetime pension. Our politicians are no better than we are and should have the same health care and retirement like any other federal employee. They need to be there to serve the public and not pad their wallets. 
  • I support the Second Amendment, but I believe in sensible gun laws and strong background checks which should be enforced federally. 
  • I believe in Climate Change, and we must explore paths to making the world safe for our children and grandchildren, including renewable energy. 
  • I believe in Free Trade, NATO and strong relationships with our allies. 
  • I feel strongly that our immigration policies must be overhauled and DACA recipients must be allowed to become full citizens of the United States. I believe we must have a clearer path to citizenship for all legal immigrants. I believe in strong, yet compassionate border control. 
  • I believe in lessening the tax burden on the middle class. I think the whole tax structure must be overhauled and find a federal sales tax would be the fairest way to collect taxes. Food should never be taxed. 
  • I believe the government should encourage small business and not punish what could be the next corporate giant.
  • I support our military and believe they and their families shouldn’t have to be on welfare. They are risking their lives for our country, and it is time their service is shown more appreciation. Also, our VA needs to be overhauled. 
  • I believe in looking at other countries for new ideas in free education. We are failing our children and must make education a priority. With education, all things are possible. Our teachers are our children’s leaders, and they must be paid more for the demanding jobs they do.