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Why we need YOUR help!

The greatest castles ever built were started with a single stone...

Everyone has heard of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) or the Grand Old Party (GOP).  And while they may no longer represent the 80% of us in the middle, they are still the most known.  That does NOT make them better, but they are the obstacle we must overcome.  

We do not have their institutions, so we will create those from scratch in our image.  We do not have their decades of money for ads, so we will fight their money with feet on the ground.  We do not have their name recognition, so we will spread our vision by word of mouth.  We are a national movement starting at the grass roots.  That gives us a longer road to walk, but a much more rewarding road in the end.  Because when we reach that end, and we will reach it, we will be recognized for what we are and who we are:  the silent majority of America who will no longer be ignored!

This takes work. It takes time.  It takes money.  It takes commitment.  All of that means we need help.  If you believe in what we do, if you believe we need a change, please get involved.  Everything helps, whether it be a Sunday afternoon planting signs, the change in your dresser drawer, or running for a congressional seat in congress.  

We will do it.  We will win.  We will unite our country.  We just need you.

We will update this section with key openings.  You can also drop us a line if your interest do not match some of the immediate needs.  Just because an immediate need is not listed, it doesn't mean it is not needed.  Again, it all starts with you and everything helps.  Get involved today, and help unite America!.

Yes, the greatest castles in the world were started with a single stone.  Grab whatever stone you can carry, and help us make a new kingdom.


Please fill out this form if you are interested in running for office as an American Moderates candidate...

American Moderates

PO Box 873477, Vancouver, WA 98687

Political Strategist

If you have experience leading a campaign or similar experience, we would love to speak with you.

You may also mail your correspondence to the following address:

American Moderates

PO Box 873477, Vancouver, WA 98687

Campaign Aide

We are ALWAYS looking for help from aides!!

You may also mail your correspondence to:

American Moderates

PO Box 873477, Vancouver, WA 98687

Any Other Role

If you don't have a role in mind, but just want to help, drop us a line here! We would love to have you onboard!!

American Moderates

PO Box 873477, Vancouver, WA 98687