Michele Zorb


I was born and raised in South Florida where I first fell in love with nature, and sailing and all things water. My Atheist father taught me to work with my hands alongside my brothers. My Christian mother taught me to be good and kind. I respect the concept of God but I found my true path as a Taoist. I truly am a moderate person and embrace the three treasures of Taosim; “compassion”, “frugality”, and “humility”.

I left Florida and moved to the Midwest to pursue a career in the machine tool industry in the early 1980s. A slow economy forced me to change direction and I started working as a Products & Consumer Research technician for P&G in the mid 80’s. I honed analytic skills in Consumer & Products’ Research, and developed a knack for technical writing. I gravitated towards the more analytical measurements’ side of Marketing & Research, and midway through my P&G career, I was promoted to Scientist/Lab Manager (level III) overseeing 2 separate lab facilities; where I excelled in MS Access & Excel data management. I loved focusing on more materials & finished product testing, method development & standardization, competitive products’ benchmarking (claim support), and supporting the Business with improved technical & consumer ‘habits & practices’ understanding. I helped create company-wide QA principles, training programs & quality control practices & SOPs for global deployment.

About two years after I lost my husband to cancer (1998), I voluntarily terminated from P&G and took a 10 year sabbatical to get back to the water. I sailed 4 of the 5 Great Lakes and completed roughly 3/4ths of the Great Loop; a system of waterways that encompasses the eastern portion of the US and part of Canada.

In 2010 I decided it was time to plant my feet back in some soil and so I came home to Cincinnati, Ohio. I went back to work for P&G/Clorox’s Glad brands “Joint Venture” as a contract Laboratory Manager; tasking the left side of my brain once again. While here, I’ve helped develop & implement a QA principled laboratory with a data repository program that is world-class.