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Below is a list of our positions on critical issues which face our country.  It is important to understand that we give individual candidates the right to have different positions than what are our stated positions.  In this way, individual candidates can represent their constituent's views instead of those of a National Platform.  That said, the candidates which run under the American Moderates Party will be relatively closely aligned with what is listed.

Policies & Positions

Gun Rights

American Moderates supports the Second Amendment and the people’s right to responsible gun ownership.  We also believe that common sense gun legislation can improve the safety of all Americans without interfering on the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Global Warming

American Moderates agrees with the scientific community that Climate Change is real, as well as Global Warming, and support smart initiatives that will reduce our impact on the environment to reduce this change.  

Free Press

American Moderates strongly support a Free Press. It is vital to the continuation of our democracy.

National Debt

American Moderates believe the National Debt is one of the most serious crisis facing our country and must be remedied through fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets.


American Moderates believes in marriage and personal relationships no matter the individual’s sexual orientation.


American Moderates believes we are a country of Immigrants and supports legal immigration, asylum seekers, and strong borders.

Policies & Positions (continued)

Strong Military

American Moderates believes in a properly equipped military force that is capable of meeting the nation's needs of self defense and exertion of appropriate foreign policy and humanitarian efforts.  

Trade & Trade Agreements

American Moderates believes in Free Trade as well as crafting trade agreements (such as NAFTA and the TPP) with our partners and allies around the world.

Pro Choice/Life

American Moderates supports the Supreme Court Decision of Roe vs. Wade.

Proposed & Supported Legislation

Legislation Proposals

These pages are specifically used to identify and explain legislation supported and/or proposed by American Modertates Political Party.  You can download the proposals as well as sign up to support them.

Legislation ID: AM1


Transparency for PAC/PO Supported Online News Sites

Issue: Political Ads being run as news under online “news sites”, supported in part or whole by Political Action Committees (PACs) or Political Organizations (POs).

Description: Political Action Committees (PACs), Political Organizations (POs), and Candidates running for office are required to follow Federal and State Guidelines regarding disclosures when advertising political messages on television, radio, and in print.  If they are non-profit [501 (c) (3) or Section 527] they must also follow certain guidelines per the IRS code. Facebook also requires these organizations to be verified and transparent as of May 2018 guidelines. The Facebook policy alone requires a verification process which includes proof of US residency and disclosures on political ads – including who took out and paid for the ads.  The point of this process is to make sure readers/American Citizens receive full transparency regarding the information they receive so that they are better informed to make political decisions.

We have found multiple online “news” sites presenting extremely polarized views on issues. In most cases, these news sites are heavily funded (or completely funded) by PACs/POs to further a political viewpoint. However, because “news sites” are not considered PACs or POs, they are not required to provide the same disclosures as PACs or POs. They present their viewpoints as “news”, which in many cases are clearly political ads. We feel this is exploiting a loop-hole in the FEC, State, Federal, Social Media, and IRS guidelines.


Resolution: American Moderates would like to draft legislation to prevent this loophole. We believe online news sources, if they are funded by PACs or POs and presenting a political view point or message, should have to follow the same guidelines as other political advertisements when broadcast on television, radio or in print as is required by state and federal law.

We, American Moderates Political Party, believe American Citizens should be made aware when they are watching a political ad masquerading as a “news report”.

Legislation ID:  AM 1

Support for Transparency for Online News Sites

I support American Moderates proposed legislation requiring online news sites, financed in part or whole by PACs or POs, when posting political content, to be required to identify as political advertisements and follow the same laws and regulations which all other political advertisements must follow when advertising on television or radio as based upon State and Federal laws.

American Moderates

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