Steve Kauffmann

About Me


I grew up one of five kids on a small family dairy farm in rural Minnesota. I decided to attend college eventually working my way through over nearly 10 years. Between those years I met and have now been married to Lynn for 37 years, we have two daughters, Amanda and Hannah. I enlisted in the US Air Force at the age of 25, was commissioned a few years later and served just over 24 years retiring as a Lt Colonel Chief of Manpower, Headquarters USAF, Security Forces (Pentagon). I also served as Chief of Programming responsible for Air Staff planning, programming and execution of $1.725B budget for over 200 AF installations worldwide. 

I have several degrees ranging from music/instrument repair to Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from North Carolina Wesleyan College, and Master in Business Administration from Chapman University in Orange California. Economics and music remain two of my passions. My career included five commands, 18 different assignments, and numerous deployments including Tikrit Iraq as the US liaison to the Salah ad Din Provincial Director of Police and Headquarters Staff responsible for over 13,000 Iraqi Police. After retirement, I have served as Treasurer and later President of the Board of Directors for the non-profit Seven Seas Cruising Association. 

Lynn and I have travelled extensively aboard our sailboat Celebration since retiring from the Air Force. Between time in service and our sailing travels we have spent time in many countries and are always awed at the challenges people overcome and how well we have it by the mere chance we were born in the United States. That same travel highlights the ideal that no one of us nations or individuals has it all right. The world is full of examples demonstrating there is usually more than one right way. With open eyes and the will to educate ourselves on the issues we can be a better nation, better citizens, and better caretakers of our country and environment. We are currently settled in Albuquerque New Mexico where the native and Spanish history predates the birth of the US as a nation presenting us with a whole new education.

Political Beliefs


My focus has always been on issues over party and based on the underlying belief that profitability does not have to come at the exclusion of compassion. Consumer protections, education, and environmental preservation can coexist with free enterprise, individual, and national success. I support scientific methodology across the board be it math and models yielding reproducible results regarding economics and budgeting, to climate, abortion, voting, education and many more areas. It is time to set the often unsupported all-or-nothing ideology to the side. Our country and our citizens will be better served with facts.